Hackathon - Mentor Registration

Who can participate?

Participants: individuals (over 18 years in age). International academic mentors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, geeks, creative innovators, technology developers, private sector, leaders and consultants. Government , non-profit & community leaders.

**If you are a minor, you must need an authorization by your mentor/parent to participate.

Everyone who is interested in creating new solutions for safer cities, communities and workplaces around the world.

Community Problem Solving  participants provide the tools and strategies that citizens need to address today's and tomorrow's issues in their communities.   Participants  learn powerful lessons about creating changes, how to deal with local authorities and organizations, and how to make a positive impact.

Scenario Writing
Participants develop short stories related to one challenge.
The story (1500 words or more) is established at least  10 to 20  years in the future and is an imagined but logical result of the actions or events taking place in the world today.

Choose a Topic/Vertical:

How you can develop an App, Videogame or a tech tool to combat and help:
1.-Countering trafficking in persons
2.-Mental Health issues
3.-Cyber-Education and have smarter citizens
4.-Combat Racism.

Select a category you want to mentor:
1.-I want to mentor teams virtually
2.-I want to give some webinars or talks about specific topics
3.-I want to mentor only on Technology subject