Why We Do it

The future is unwritten, it's ours to create it…

The term "hackathon" is understood to mean a variety of different things. A hackathon is a program that brings together the youth of today to identify and develop innovative solutions while improving their technical fluency in emerging technologies.

Hackathons are used to initiate, develop, and design an innovative Proof of Concept (PoC).

Changing the world with talent.

This is the time to give, share and inspire at new generations and mentor them on security industry challenges using technology, innovation & creativity to face digital transformation era…building safe and secure future.

You have to evolve mindset and leadership to make change. But to really make things happen, you need to execute.

How to make transformation happen?

Some of the Kids who struggle during their school life can become a social problem for the community. Children in a daily basis face challenges ranging from domestic violence, bullying, abuse and indifference, slow learning, and can develop anger, hate, and depression that lead them to make the wrong choices in the future.

We seek the collaboration and support of the government and communities so that these young people can have the necessary support and transform their lives in an earlier stage and have a second chance.

Security NextGen offers the opportunity for all participants to explore new gaps in which they can find friends, mentors and support to build a better world, help others, and develop economic, social and securely sustainable communities.