Why We Do it

The future is unwritten, it's ours to create it…

Through the Violence Breaking the Cycle program we work with participants impact for communities to develop and provide support services for children exposed to violence in their homes, schools, and communities; and to develop, enhance, and implement violent crime reduction strategies that focus on violent activity-involved youth.
"Young innovators", are agile, efficient, out-of-the-box thinkers and they want everything fast, low cost and quality.  Security NextGen platform its a new ecosystem where new generations can interact and work together changing the way we create smart and secure workplaces, schools and communities.
This space also allows other organizations, government and shelters to share resources in a new innovative form  for youth at risk to find easier and fast resources, guidance and counseling services. 

Changing the world with talent.

We know there is an urgent need to increase:
  • Awareness about children's exposure to violence and the trauma that may result.
  • Change perceptions of adults who interact with children from viewing them as "angry, bad, and withdrawn," to recognizing that they are children who "have been hurt and need our help."
  • Engage and change practices in schools, homes, and communities.
  • Motivate adults who interact with children in schools, communities, and health settings to be caring, concerned, and supportive figures in their lives. 


This initiative also helps other non-profit organizations with Training and Technical Assistance  to support this program and provide general activities focused on exposure to violence as well as youth violence prevention and intervention. 

How to make transformation happen?

Contemporary students want to have an impact, and they want to be recognized too.
We need to guide the youth to use innovation to create valuable solutions, discover information, collaborate, give and receive feedback, and ultimately encourage them to be part of the conversation.
Security Nextgen engages with so many bright young minds and seeks to inspire young people to explore promising careers in creating social impact and build safe communities.





Security NextGen methodology is using edutainment education+ entertainment via SeminarsHackathon competitions, Art Contests and ScrewedUp Talks.